fibre glass flat roof
Fibreglass roof : Existing roofing stripped down to base Fibreglass roof : fit two velux roof windows fibregalss flat roof with velux windows finished to high standard
to create a fibreglass flat roof we went through the following steps

--Strip existing leaking roof removing all the traditional coatings and ensuring the surface is secure
--Fit decking and edging to the wood beams to attace and secure new surfact
--Fit 2 velux domes into the flat roof to allow inside natural light
--apply Fibreglass, roll out Fibreglass and then apply resin
--Sand down the hardened fibreglass surface until smooth
--Top coat surface with extra resin to ensure water resistance

Traditional coverings are prone to deteriation and often seep as weather damages the surface. Often the supporting wood will rot as the water is constandly dripping on it. Note that the addition of the two lights will fill the rooms below with light making the room more pleasant to be in.